Hi there! My name is Jenny, and you’ve stumbled onto my blog. Mostly I’m detailing the trials and tribulations of living gluten-free (gluten intolerance, do we have that in common?), along with some other more random things, involving living on my own as a young adult (I don’t like that phrase, but I no longer consider myself an adolescent) while attending university far from home. You never know what I’ll post about next, so check back for fun times!

I also enjoy drawing, and just for your viewing pleasure, here’s one of my pieces (done on my iPad on SketchbookExpress).

I also must introduce my sidekick, Lena. She’s the reason I am seriously considering being a cat lady in the near future. She’ll also probably be mentioned and pictured throughout this blog, as she lives with me and occasionally tastes my gluten-free creations. Lena’s hobbies include sleeping on the bed, sleeping in the bathroom sink, playing with the toilet handle, hiding bobby pins, and ignoring all my attempts to remind her she’s a cat.



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