What is gluten?

So I just want to take a minute here to explain what gluten is, in case you don’t know. I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to be hearing about it somehow – it’s recently become a bit of a phenomenon and more and more people realize they’re gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease. The gluten-free food market has been rapidly expanding because of this.

  • Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley. It’s a protein that binds starches together, so you’ll find it in anything that has flour (like bread, pasta, cookies, cake, pizza, cereal, even ice cream and beer – just to name a few!)
  • Gluten intolerance is an allergy to gluten with symptoms like a stomach ache, nausea, headache, sore muscles, and fatigue. Celiac Disease is a severe disorder where gluten causes an infection in the intestines, leaving people malnourished and very sick. If you really think you’re gluten intolerant or have Celiac, go see your doctor to get an allergy test done.

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